Blogger Brings More Voices to the Web

Google Inc. has introduced a newly designed Blogger™, that now offers its users a suite of enhancements, including a clean, easy-to-use interface, shared comments, author profiles, and posting via email.

Owned by Google, Blogger is a free web-based service that helps consumers publish on the web instantly without writing code or installing software. First launched in 1999, Blogger's publishing tools enable users to create, collect, and share opinions and experiences with a web-wide audience whenever they'd like.

"Blogger is committed to bringing more voices and points of view to the web," said Evan Williams, Blogger program manager. "These enhancements make web publishing as easy as possible, delivering the power of blogging into the hands of more people worldwide."

Creating a weblog, or a blog, using the new version of Blogger takes three simple steps and just a few minutes. Available at, Blogger has streamlined the web publishing process for new users by building tools that make it faster and easier to create their own website, publish their thoughts, and connect with others. New features include:

• Posting via email: Users can now publish to their blogs instantly from any email-enabled device, including cellular phones and PDAs.

• Comments: Enables people to invite their readers to respond to blog entries, so they can further share thoughts and opinions with one another.

• Profiles: Enables Blogger users to convey more information about themselves so readers can learn more about the people behind the blogs, and discover others who share similar interests.



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