Immigration Reform Special Series and will run a Spanish language feature article series about the current debate on the United States immigration reform with the sponsorship of private companies and nonprofit organizations.

Cuban Ballet, a Book by Octavio Roca

According to Mikhail Baryshnikov, in his foreword to Octavio Roca’s new Cuban Ballet, “It’s impossible not to notice when a Cuban dancer walks into the studio.” He is right, and the world is taking note as wave after wave of Cuban dancers and teachers are exerting a powerful influence on American and world dance. Their presence brings to mind the profound impact Russian dancers brought to the West as their defections mounted in the dusk of the Soviet empire.

Contacto PR News Focusing More on
Disseminating Public Affairs Information

In its 10th anniversary, Contacto PR News is focusing more on disseminating information from nonprofit organizations willing to reach the Hispanic news media in the United States, Latin America and Spain.

Hispanic News Outlets, Unavoidable Needs

It Is Not a Matter of Language, It's a Matter of Coverage

For four decades, Heriberto Gonzalez has lived in the United States. He speaks English fluently and is an avid consumer of English-language news media. However his primary source of information are Spanish-language newspapers, radio and TV. Why does he need Hispanic news outlets?

Hispanics’ Impact on U.S. Culture

A Golden Opportunity for Companies to Engage Latinos

The 2010 U.S. Census is expected to find that Hispanics number more than 50 million in this country, and they command $1 trillion in buying power. Yet 50% of U.S. advertisers, who acknowledge the cultural impact of Latinos, do not include Hispanics in their marketing efforts. The field is wide open for companies that recognize the incredible power of Hispanics as a driver of their businesses.

Contacto PR News Is Celebrating Its 10th Anniversary

Contacto PR News, a Hispanic press release distribution service, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Since August 2000, Contacto PR News has helped the PR community reach the Hispanic news media in the United States, Latin America and Spain.

Capt. Alex Arca, an Attorney in Iraq

Capt. Alex Arca, the claims, contract and fiscal law attorney for the 4th Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division's legal office, signs paperwork during the processing of a foreign claim on March 10, 2010.

Latinos Online, 2006-2008: Narrowing the Gap

From 2006 to 2008, internet use among Latino adults rose by 10 percentage points, from 54% to 64%. In comparison, the rates for whites rose four percentage points, and the rates for blacks rose only two percentage points during that time period. Though Latinos continue to lag behind whites, the gap in internet use has shrunk considerably.

Now You’re Speaking My Language

Senior Vice President
Research and Product Development, Nielsen IAG

CI SUMMARY: Spanish-language ad spending is on the rise—posting gains in just about every major product category in 2008. What is the best strategy to reach an audience whose language proficiencies and preferences range from Spanish-only through various degrees of bilingual skills to English-only? Language holds the key to success as a strong emotional link is forged with the Hispanic consumer when ads are rendered in their native language.

Americas United Bank, an Opportunity
for Small to Mid Size Businesses

Interview with Gil Dalmau, President and CEO

Current credit crunch is negatively affecting many businesses that need working capital, funds to buy commercial real estate or to develop new projects. News from the financial sector show U.S. banks in critical conditions amid the worst recession we have ever seen since the Great Depression. However, a Hispanic-owned bank located in Glendale, California, is living a different experience.

How Close Is the Great Depression, Part 2?

Credit crunch, unemployment rates and financial disaster have led many Americans to believe that the United States is approaching a remake of the Great Depression of 1929, a terrible economic slump that lasted about 10 years. How close are we from a depression?

Hispanics Strive for a Better Future

Hispanics in the United States have a multitude of opinions on all aspects of their lives from finances, education, immigration, social relationships and their culture. However, do not let the size and complexities of this group overwhelm you – if you want to understand what U.S. Hispanics want, you just have to listen to what is important to them.

Bilingual Hispanics Live With Ease in Both Worlds

According to a recent Ipsos U.S. Hispanic Omnibus study, U.S. Hispanics, regardless of whether their language preference at home is English (43%), or Spanish (52%), are turning to either language to meet their needs. When Hispanics turn on their televisions over half of them are tuning into an English language program.

US Hispanics Are Online in Overwhelming Numbers

United States Hispanics are not only online in overwhelming numbers, but they are taking advantage of the internet’s position as a primary tool for information. Previous notions of Hispanics not having access to the internet, or being unaware of its possibilities, have been smashed. Not only are U.S. Hispanics online, but they turn to the internet for a variety of reasons. According to a recent Ipsos U.S. Hispanic Omnibus study...

80% of Sexually Active Americans Put Off Sex

YONKERS, NY —More than eight out of ten sexually active adults have put off having sex in the past year. Their reasons? Eighty percent say they’re too sick or too tired for sex. And forty percent say they’re just plain “not in the mood.” Other top reasons include taking care of children and pets (30%) and working (29%). Those are some of the findings of a new Consumer Reports Health poll.

Sharp Decline in Income for Non-Citizen
Immigrant Households, 2006-2007

The current economic slowdown has taken a far greater toll on non-citizen immigrants than it has on the United States population as a whole. The median annual income of non-citizen immigrant households--a group that accounts for 7% of all U.S. households and 52% of all immigrant households--fell 7.3% from 2006 to 2007. In contrast, the median annual income of all U.S. households increased 1.3% during the same period.

Trends in Unauthorized Immigration:
Undocumented Inflow Now Trails Legal Inflow

There were 11.9 million unauthorized immigrants living in the United States in March 2008, according to new Pew Hispanic Center estimates. The size of the unauthorized population appears to have declined since 2007, but this finding is inconclusive because of the margin of error in these estimates.

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