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AcroDesign Technologies Adds
Word Game to Mobile Dictionary

AcroDesign Technologies released the newest member of its Palm OS software line, Webster’s New World™ Mobile Dictionary. The Webster’s New World Mobile dictionary goes beyond reference and learning with the inclusion of the classic Word Search word game.

However, “the core dictionary remains the star of this application,” said Scott Thibault, president and founder of AcroDesign Technologies. “Webster’s New World Mobile Dictionary brings a little fun to an otherwise very serious dictionary.” Indeed, the new software is based on the official dictionary of the Associated Press, Webster’s New World College Dictionary.

The mobile software shares the main features of the print version including over 163,000 entries, more than 12,000 Americanisms, usage notes, examples and synonym notes. The Webster’s New World Mobile Dictionary also includes useful vocabulary list tools to help users increase their vocabulary.

Webster’s New World Mobile Dictionary for Palm OS is available today for $29.95 from the AcroDesign Technologies website: The Pocket PC version will be available in November.

AcroDesign Technologies is a leading provider of reference and productivity software for handheld devices. In addition to the Webster’s New World Mobile Dictionary, AcroDesign Technologies publishes PalmStudy, one of the best selling Bibles available for Palm OS devices. Based in Colchester, VT, the company also publishes titles for Pocket PC, Windows Mobile Smartphone, and BREW (mobile phone) devices. For more information, visit
AcroDesign Technologies is a trademark of Green Mountain Computing Systems, Inc. Webster's New World is a trademark of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and other countries, and is used under license. Palm OS is a registered trademark of Palm Trademark Holding Company, LLC

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Published on October 21, 2004

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