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Survey: One in 10 Watching TV Online

A new survey said about one in 10 U.S. online consumers now watches television broadcasts online, mostly for convenience and to avoid commercials.

The Conference Board’s Consumer Internet Barometer survey of 10,000 households across the country said respondents mostly were still watching as much TV on the TV as they had been, despite adding some online viewing to the mix.

Three out of four online views said their traditional TV-viewing habits haven’t changed, a small percentage said it had decreased and a smaller number said it had increased, according to a summary of the survey, co-produced by TNS.

This was the first Consumer Internet Barometer survey to ask about TV viewing online, a spokeswoman said.

More than two-thirds of online consumers log on daily for entertainment purposes, and 16% seek entertainment online several times per week. About one-third of households that watch TV online contain multiple viewers, the nonprofit Conference Board said.

News broadcasts are the most popular go-to content online, drawing more than 62% of online TV viewers, followed by entertainment viewing (nearly 50%). Other popular content: missed favorite shows; previews; sports; and seeing entire episodes of shows, each drawing a yes vote from more than 25% of online TV viewers.

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