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The California Department of Consumer Affairs
Brochure Gives Tools to Help Handle Telemarketers

SACRAMENTO – The California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) has created a free brochure that describes some of the current telemarketing scams and steps you can take to avoid them. “Basic Facts About Telemarketing” provides important tips when dealing with telemarketers, such as never giving out bank account information to anyone who calls.

Consumers are now able to restrict the number of telemarketing calls they receive. However, to those telemarketers looking to separate you from your money, such restrictions mean very little.

“Laws concerning telemarketing have changed a great deal over the past year and that’s why this brochure is so important to consumers,” says DCA Director Charlene Zettel. “It helps people understand the rights they have when someone calls their homes trying to get a sale or donation.”

The brochure also outlines steps consumers can take to sign on to the National Do Not Call Registry, which has already helped reduce telemarketing calls to millions of homes nationwide. It includes suggestions on how to avoid getting put on future calling lists.

“Basic Facts About Telemarketing” ( is available on the California Department of Consumer Affairs Web site at by clicking on “publications” and then on telemarketing.” Consumers who do not have access to the Internet can get a brochure by calling the DCA Consumer Information Center at 1-800-952-5210.

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