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To view a video on "Recycling Water
with Siemens,"
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Recycling Water with Siemens

We've all heard of recycling cans, newspapers, even plastics... But how about recycling water? The practice is becoming more prevalent - and for good reason. The average American household uses about 350 gallons of water a day and even more in the summertime - and that doesn't even include all the water needed to maintain parks, golf courses, schools, etc.

Since water is a natural resource - one in limited supply - many communities are recognizing that they have to act today to ensure they'll have enough water for tomorrow. Enter water recycling, a two-step process that uses advanced technologies to turn wastewater into clean water. First, a technology called membrane filtration from Siemens Water Technologies filters harmful solids and bacteria from wastewater through thousands of straw-like micro-porous filters. Then, the clean water passes through an even finer membrane filter. The result: water that is purified above drinking water standards.

This water is then used for other purposes - such as watering golf courses and parks, as well as industrial and construction projects.
Recycled water has saved the region more than 65 billion gallons of drinking water since 1995 and water recycling plants are popping up more and more around the country.

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