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Should You Pay for PPC
on Individual Websites?

There are a lot of companies that are running their own pay per click program on their website, not wanting to go with Google Adsense, Yahoo Overture, or MSN Adcenter. There are many reasons why they might be doing this.

Have you ever thought about advertising directly on their site? And you don't even have to go through Google Adsense, Yahoo Overture, or MSN Adcenter!

The first reason is that they want better control. They want to be able to better control what advertisements they want to display on their website. This makes sense, because they don't want to worry about their competitors being on their website, or any other company that might be taking business away from them. Yes, the admin panels for Google Adsense and Yahoo YPN allow you to "block" competitors, but again, it's going to be hard for them to know all the ads that are being displayed on their website.

The second reason is money. Companies that run their own Pay Per Click software on their site can receive more funds from advertisers. Google Adsense and Yahoo YPN each have to take their own "cut" from publishers so they can be profitable as well. When a company avoids using Google Adsense or Yahoo YPN, they are receiving the "cut" that those companies normally take.

The third reason is value. Companies that use their own software to display ads on their site give more value to the advertiser. These companies want to make sure that their advertising clients are benefiting from the clients that go to their website. That's creating a win-win situation. As more, and better traffic flow through the advertisements, the advertising clients are more likely to renew their subscriptions and keep their ads running longer on their website.

So, is it worth it to you and your company to go direct on an individual website?


You may be paying the same price in the first place. If you are currently using pay per click for your advertising campaign, you may be paying a price that is comparable to Google Adsense, Yahoo Overture, or MSN Adcenter already.

By finding an individual website to advertise on, you know exactly who the audience is and what type of people will see your ad, click on your ad to come to your website, and hopefully purchase your product or service.

In this age of quick information and consumer "mind drift" it is hard to capture new clients and any advantage that you can have over your competitor should be used.

So the next time you're out surfing websites, check and see if they have advertisements on their site. Then check to see if they are actually providing the advertisements through their own software. Many sites will tell you what rates they charge and how to get started.

Advertise well!

Copyright © 2006 Damon Clifford

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Damon Clifford is a Pay Per Click consultant. You can view his training, tips, and plain common sense at

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