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Mortgage Grader Launches Software Allowing
Consumers to Get the Upper Hand on Lenders and Brokers

Mortgage Grader launches a consumer driven real-time loan shopping service,, offering loan pricing to every borrower's advantage. Knowledgeable as well as uninformed borrowers will have the ability to equally leverage meaningful lending information in a simple and transparent process to find their lowest cost loan provider. Minority borrowers will not fall victim to discrimination or redlining when shopping for a loan through Mortgage Grader.

All personal and property information is encrypted; creating a borrower profile that considers the math and only the math when choosing the best loan in the Mortgage Grader fair lender network.

"When you buy milk at the store or fill-up your gas tank the price is always predictable and the same for everyone. Yet, a fragmented and complicated mortgage maze has given some lenders and mortgage brokers the upper hand on borrowers, often resulting in high cost of homeownership. Mortgage Grader will facilitate a seismic shift in information from the leverage lenders and brokers currently enjoy, to the consumers' benefit", said Mortgage Grader President Jeff Lazerson. "Mortgage Grader will convert the process from pricing through isolated and targeted borrower loan contracts to a systematic, low cost, predictable and equally priced platform for every similarly situated borrower", he added.

William C. Apgar, Senior Scholar, Joint Center For Housing Studies at Harvard University states, "Mortgage Grader has the potential to become known as the 'great minority equalizer'. Simple and meaningful loan pricing transparency will place every borrower on equal footing, putting an end to asymmetrical loan information. This is a watershed moment for all borrowers, particularly low-to-moderate income and minority borrowers".

"Lenders and brokers have no legal requirement to provide borrowers with the best loan option. There is not even a loan suitability regulation to make sure the loan being offered is appropriate for the borrower. Many lenders and brokers overcharge borrowers through a combination of high interest rates, direct fees, and unnecessary loan features such as prepayment penalties and negative amortization...always at the expense of the consumer". Mortgage Grader is going to level this playing field, assisting consumers in realizing and retaining their own American Dream of Homeownership", Jeff Lazerson remarked.

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