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Infonox Launches Modular Version
of TranSending Solution

Infonox, a leading software provider of front-office and back-office automation products, unveiled at the 2005 Electronic Transaction Association (ETA) annual meeting and expo in Las Vegas, a modular version of its premiere back-office automation suite, TranSending(TM).

The latest version of TranSending is modularized so acquirers of any size can select the configuration that best fits their needs.

TranSending is industry's first fully automated back-office system with a single point of entry that eliminates manual steps in the merchant acquiring business. TranSending enables sales leads tracking, auto decisioning in split seconds using dynamically configurable rules, and boards new merchants to internal and third party systems. Once boarded, TranSending auto-calculates sales commissions, computes real-time merchant and portfolio profitability among other features like customer support, smart reporting through digital dashboards.

TranSending includes certified interfaces to leading processors like FDMS, major credit bureaus, and deployment/fulfillment companies like TASQ, etc.

"Prior to TranSending, acquirers, ISOs and processors had to consider spending millions of dollars, as well as three to five years of development time when deciding whether to automate their business processes. TranSending is fully developed, designed to overlay on existing processes, easy to implement, effortless to use and very affordable," said Infonox's Executive Vice President, Rusty Shaffer. "TranSending enables acquirers to accelerate portfolio growth, accomplish portfolio consolidation, readily manage risk, plain and simple, TranSending takes care of all the merchant lifecycle aspects in an affordable fashion."

The efficiency and workflow automation features of TranSending enable users to increase workflow efficiencies while significantly improving revenue and profitability. This combination of reduced costs and improved revenue can mean up to a 50 percent increase to the bottom line within months after implementation. In a recent pilot for a large U.S. acquiring bank, the TranSending system yielded a 75 percent improvement from the time of application submission to live merchant status.

TranSending offers three distinct modules, a sales center module, a back-office module and a merchant center module. The Sales Center features an on-line application that is customizable. The Back Office offers automated underwriting (customer designed rules-based decisioning), automated boarding to both internal and third party systems, as well as a comprehensive risk management tool. The Merchant Center has rich reporting in both text and graphical formats for real time portfolio management and transactional data at the merchant level.

Each TranSending module is configurable and available in several layers of complexity. Shaffer further explained the versatility that TranSending offers is a pivotal feature. "Every acquirer and ISO has a unique way of doing things in the back-office. An effective solution has to adapt to those differences, no matter how minute. TranSending was developed with that in mind. In today's acquiring market, a fully automated back-office is a significant competitive edge."

Available in a subscription ASP model, as well as a fully licensed environment, TranSending is cardholder information security program (CISP) certified and is regularly enhanced to meet the changing needs of the merchant acquiring industry.

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Published on March 15, 2005

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