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Netopia Announces Merchant Success Bundle for Independent Sales Organizations Seeking to Acquire New Merchant Accounts

Netopia, Inc., a market leader in broadband gateways and service delivery software, today announced its Merchant Success bundle, the first solution that allows independent sales organizations (ISOs), which act as sales agents for financial institutions and deliver POS and credit card processing solutions, to market and sell broadband merchant IP networks to retailers.

Dano Ybarra, Netopia's senior vice president of sales and marketing, said, "With our industry-leading broadband gateways and years of experience delivering high-speed network solutions to small and medium businesses and distributed enterprises, we have the know-how and products that are ideal for IP-based networks in retail stores. The Merchant Success bundle simplifies network and device installation, and offers important security and support features that are critical for businesses."

The Merchant Success bundle gives ISOs everything they need for a merchant IP network that uses a broadband connection to bring high-speed networking to a retail location. The bundle is based on Netopia's industry-leading broadband Wi-Fi gateway, which features 3-D Reach(TM) wireless technology for superior coverage and performance, as well as Netopia's new VGx(TM) Virtual Gateway technology for high-quality delivery of voice and video services. The gateway has comprehensive security features built in to protect credit card transactions, business data, and wired and wireless network connections from hackers and unauthorized users.

Once a retailer has the merchant IP network installed, they will reap significant benefits derived from faster point-of-sale (POS) transaction processing using IP-based POS terminals, and also have the bandwidth to use a large selection of applications associated with their POS systems such as gift cards, check verification, and real-time inventory systems. Additionally, new systems can be added without impacting POS transactions or requiring additional phone lines, including ATMs, lottery machines, surveillance systems, and Wi-Fi hot spots.

Netopia's Merchant Success bundle includes the following:

-- Welcome Kit with Ethernet cabling and Wi-Fi network adapters
-- Netopia Wi-Fi broadband gateway with 3-D Reach Wi-Fi technology and VGx service quality technology
-- Broadband connection
-- Installation assistance for up to two wired and three Wi-Fi devices
-- Technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week
-- Firewall configuration, reports, and updates
-- Firmware updates
The following options are available for inclusion with the Merchant Success bundle:
-- Managed Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
-- Netopia Hot Spot Merchandising Kit and annual service
-- Customized Web sites and complete eCommerce solutions

Netopia's Merchant Success bundle is now available directly to ISOs, merchant acquirers and POS solution providers.

Netopia, Inc. is a market leader in broadband products and services that enable service providers to improve their profitability. Its portfolio of wired and wireless gateways, software, and value-added services enhance revenue generation while reducing costs for carriers and broadband service providers. Netopia's Wi-Fi CERTIFIED(TM) gateways feature 3-D Reach(TM) technology for enhanced wireless range, security, and performance. The company has established strategic distribution relationships with leading carriers and broadband service providers including Belgacom, BellSouth, Covad Communications, EarthLink, eircom, Hong Kong Telecom/PCCW, MegaPath Networks, Netifice, SBC Communications, Swisscom, and Verizon. Netopia also offers powerful remote-control software for IT support organizations.

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Published on March 15, 2005

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