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News Programs More Popular than Telenovelas
Among Hispanics, a New Study Finds

Some 55 percent of U.S. Hispanics watch television in both English and Spanish, while only 12 percent watch TV in only English and 31 percent in only Spanish, according to a study by Encuesta, Inc., a U.S. Hispanic marketing and research company, according to MediaWeek.

The survey also showed that over half (57 percent) of the U.S. Hispanics born in other countries watch television in English, while almost three-quarters (75 percent) of those born in the U.S. watch Spanish-language television.

The study also found that telenovelas are not the TV genre that U.S. Hispanics watch most. News programs and political talk shows are watched by more Hispanics (68 percent) than those who watch telenovelas (43 percent), the study found. Game shows were least popular, watched by only 11 percent.

The study also found that U.S.-born Hispanics are significantly more likely than their foreign-born counterparts to watch reality shows (28 percent vs. 18 percent) and sitcoms (25 percent vs. 16 percent).