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SBA and California Hispanic Chambers
of Commerce Sign Strategic Alliance

The U.S Small Business Administration and the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce signed a Strategic Alliance Memorandum aimed at strengthening and expanding small business development in the state.

The document was signed by SBA Administrator Hector V. Barreto and CHCC Chairman Henry Mendoza. The agreement will be effective for two years.

“The Hispanic business community is a strong pillar and one of the fastest-growing sectors of the American economy, and we are committed to helping it grow even stronger,” said SBA Administrator Barreto. “This strategic alliance gives us the tools to do just that, and we look forward to its implementation.”

In keeping with the SAM goal, the SBA, through its district offices in the state, will:

• Make available information regarding the SBA and its resource partners through pamphlets, brochures and other publications.

• Provide information to CHCC staff on SBA programs and services available to local small businesses.

• Provide speakers, consistent with SBA rules and policies, to participate in CHCC workshops, conferences, seminars and other activities to discuss SBA financing, government contracting and other business topics.

• Provide a text-only hyperlink from SBA’s Web site to CHCC’s Web site pursuant to SBA’s linking policies.

The Chambers, in turn, will:

• Cooperate with SBA’s resource partners to provide information to its members about business development services to small business when appropriate.

• Make available to its members SBA pamphlets, brochures and other publications.
• Inform CHCC small business members of SBA’s programs and services including referrals to SBA’s resource partners when appropriate.

• Upon request, provide speakers for SBA-sponsored events when appropriate.

• Provide a text-only hyperlink from CHCC Web site to SBA’s Web site.

The California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce is a non-profit organization that represents the interests of 425,000 Hispanic-owned businesses. The SBA assists small business via financial, contractual and business development assistance, and to be its voice and advocate within the federal government.

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