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Advertising on Hispanic Websites
More Than Triples Since 2002

Major advertisers expect to spend $132 million in online advertising targeted to U.S. Hispanics this year, up 32 percent from last year according to the 2006 media markets report in the December issue of Hispanic Business magazine.

The trend of increased online advertising has been driven mainly by tech-savvy Hispanic youths who are increasingly turning to the Internet as a platform to meet friends, listen to music, and catch up on sports. While the majority of Hispanic advertising dollars still go to television, the Internet is enabling advertisers to more distinctively target specific groups within the U.S. Hispanic population, from acculturated Hispanic youth on MySpace or YouTube to first-generation, Spanish-dominant immigrants reading online newspapers from their home country.

“One of our most significant shifts in the past six months has been one-on-one marketing, which seeks to engage consumers with the product and enhance their experience of the brand,” says Cindy Knight, Toyota marketing communications manager. “This is something TV cannot do.”

Language has become an increasingly complex component of Hispanic online advertising. Time Warner’s AOL Latino, a major Spanish-language Web site, used to just target countries such as Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil. “We started waking up to the reality that we have to speak to all Latinos and that a large percentage of this online Latino audience is bilingual or speaks English,” stated Peter Blacker, who worked on the original business plan for AOL Latino. Major advertisers are getting the message and using the Internet to target bilingual American Hispanic youth.

Hispanic Marketing and Advertising Explosion

The Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies (AHAA) announced the results of its survey assessing trends and influential factors in US Hispanic advertising over the past decade. More than 90 percent of respondents indicated that they anticipate corporate ad spending targeting the fastest growing segment of the US -- Latinos -- to increase in 2007 and more than 30 percent are predicting budget growth of more than 10 percent.

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