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"Freelance Contracts in 48 Hours,"
a New e-Book by Paz Internet Media

Paz Internet Media Ltd. has announced the immediate release of the new e-book “Freelance Contracts in 48 Hours”, by Itay Paz. Within its pages, freelancers of all business types will be rewarded with the secrets that guarantee them the opportunity to generate contracts in 48 hours.

Available in online e-book format, customers can conveniently download it directly into their computer, giving them instant access to its information, without having to wait for the book to be sent, or being charged with additional shipping fees.

Itay Paz’s “Freelance Contracts in 48 Hours” e-book is a thorough step-by-step tool guide that helps freelancers to understand that contracts are easy to obtain within as little as 48 hours; all they need to know is how to use the right niche marketing techniques, how to effectively advertise their business, and how to contact the people that will give them results.

“This e-book made finding contracts a simple process. It was easy to read, and had great information with no added fluff,” said an early edition reader from Toronto Canada, who is a freelance writer.

Itay Paz is a successful freelancer, who specializes in freelance consulting, and has spent the past 5 discovering the best ways to produce marketability, in order to gain winning contracts. He obtained his MBA with a major in marketing, from Manchester University, and became the founder and president of an ecommerce marketplace venture, before furthering his career by taking the new tack of focusing his marketing (and online marketing) skills, towards assisting companies, home business owners, and especially, other freelancers. He currently runs the free Freelance Tips newsletter (, founder and owner of Paz Internet Media Ltd, and is also the author of the “The Freelance Success e-Book” (

Being an ambitions business man, and freelancer himself, Mr. Paz understands the difficulties that his colleagues face when starting their careers. Through his years of marketing experience, he has found that the reasons why so many freelancers fail, is due to the fact that their target market is much too broad, and also because they often use the wrong marketing techniques to advertise their business.

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Published on October 21, 2004

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