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  Debt Consolidation, Good or Evil?

Thousands are caught in the debt trap each year. Many approach debt consolidation companies, but such companies should be handled with care. Nobody is ever alone.

Americas United Bank (AUB) CEO Shares Knowledge,
Inspiration with Migrant Worker Youth

Gilbert Dalmau, President and CEO of Americas United Bank (AUB), addressed a crowd of young adults this week as part of the Migrant Scholars Leadership Institute SABEResPODER (Knowledge is Power) Power Hour. One hundred high achieving high school students from migrant farm-working communities were able to hear Dalmau discuss his life as an immigrant who attained his dreams of success in the business world, while also answering their questions about banking and the opportunities available to them.

AUB Hires One of the Top SBA Loan
Producers in the United States

Americas United Bank (AUB) announced its most recent appointment of Arturo Concha, one of the top SBA producers in the United States, to the position of Senior Vice President and Manager of the SBA/ Commercial Capital Division.

Be Suspicious About Wiring Money Back After Cashing a Check

The set-up for the scam can be different every time: maybe they are buying something you advertised, paying you to do work at home, or giving you an “advance” on a sweepstakes. But, the Federal Trade Commission and the National Consumers League warn that after the initial hook, all “check overpayment” scams end the same way – with a request for you to wire money back. The scams are the fifth most common telemarketing fraud and the fourth most common Internet scam reported to the NCL.

Companies Must Re-Think How They Value Customers

Companies looking to cut back on training and investment in Customer Service Call Centers will face serious financial consequences. A groundbreaking research study, recently undertaken by Ernan Roman Direct Marketing, has uncovered startling new insights into the world of customer service.


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