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Latinos in Hollywood

Fiesta Latina, a Special Editorial Project

Four Consecutive Issues for the 14th Anniversary of
Contacto Magazine and the Hispanic Heritage Month

GLENDALE, CA. - Contacto Magazine, a monthly publication aimed at Hispanics/Latinos living in Greater Los Angeles since 1994, will launch FIESTA LATINA, a special editorial project about the Hispanic contributions to the United States for its 14th anniversary and the Hispanic Heritage Month.

For the last nine years, Contacto has printed special editions on Hispanics contributions to the U.S. in the arts, music, films, TV, the book industry, sports, politics, community affairs, science, business, hi-tech, and more. This will be the most ambitious editorial project Contacto has ever published.

"It's a privilege to highlight the most outstanding achievements of the Hispanic community in the United States," says Jesus Hernandez Cuellar, Publisher and Editor in Chief of Contacto Magazine. "Hispanics/Latinos are everywhere in the U.S., not only geographically but also in very important fields of our society, from California farms and Los Angeles restaurants to NASA's space shuttles, Capitol Hill, science research teams and Hollywood movies."

The four issues of FIESTA LATINA will come out on June 21, July 19, August 16, and September 20. Also, readers will enjoy Voto Latino, a section dedicated to the 2008 elections with articles on the political campaign and profiles of candidates. Just information, Contacto will not endorse candidates.

FIESTA LATINA will also appear in, the online edition of this publication. Currently, visitors read selected articles from past issues about the Hispanic contributions to the United States in the online edition.

If you need further information, please call 818 241 4073 or send an email message to, editorial, or, advertising.

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