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Why should my company be on the Internet?

Internet helps your company sell products and services to users. Even if you don't sell any product on the Internet, your services, company's name, logo, address, telephone and fax numbers, electronic forms, special offers, clients' testimonials, driving directions and much more information will be exposed at the fingertips of many Internet users. You will enjoy interactivity with existing and potential clients. Some companies have developed a cost-effective customer service through Internet. You may save a lot of money by promoting your business on the web. For many companies Internet has become a powerful PR and advertising machine, since a website is like a digital catalog.

Once my company is on the Internet, how can I bring
visitors to my website?

You can promote your website in several ways:

* Print your website address (www.mycompany.com) in your business cards, flyers, brochures, tickets, menus and any other informational materials you currently use to communicate with your existing and potential clients. Some companies print website addresses in their trucks and vans to get a wider exposure.

* Social media will help you promote your website. All you have to do is to open a free account on one or all of the best known social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin and others. If you can produce your own videos, you can open a channel on YouTube. Once there, just join the party. In every post, you should place an active link (http://www.mycompany.com) pointing to your site.

* Your own newsletter will be of great help for your company's marketing efforts. Within your website, you can ask visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. So you can email them your newsletter with news about your company (discount plans, special events, new products or services, sponsorships) and advice on services they need. If you operate a restaurant or a beauty salon, you are an expert in your field. So you can share such expertise with your current and potential clients in your newsletter. It's a way to attract new clients to your business. Do not forget that you must obtain permission from users to email them your newsletter. Avoid spam.

* Search engine submission and optimization is another way to promote your website. We can help your company with search engine submission and optimization. Search engines are able to index your company in business categories. Internet users can find your site when they search for keywords such as "food," "health care," "travel" or "insurance." But submission doesn't mean that search engines will immediately index your site. Sometimes they ignore your submission. There are two formulas to promote your site with them:

* Organic Listing.- A non-paid listing of your site after submission. Search engines pay great attention to popularity. They measure popularity by taking into account how many websites have placed links to your website. Most popular search engines and index directories are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and AOL. There is no guarantee that your site will be listed after submission, but chances are it will get it.

Paid Listing.- You may buy keywords as paid advertising from search engines. There are several plans that let you bid for keywords with Google AdWords and other companies. So you pay only per clicks on your listing within these companies. Your listing will be shown up along with those of your competitors.

ContactoMagazine.com also sells ad inventory by CPM (cost per thousand ad views) and CPC (cost per click).

* Paid advertising is also a way to drive visitors to your site. You can advertise your site in local newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, online publications and many other media outlets. If you own a well established company that regularly advertise, you should include your Internet address (www.mycompany.com) in your ads.

How much do you charge for a site design?

It depends on what you need. If you need many pages on your site, images, videos, animations, and interactivity, this will cost more than a regular site. We can help you planning and developing your site. To discuss how to develop your site and how much it will cost, please call 818 241 4073. Or go to our Contact Us area.

Will you host my website?

As most web designers, we will assist you in finding a respected hosting service, but we don't host sites. We design websites.

How much will a hosting service charge?

Most hosting services have different plans, depending on disk space, data transfer and e-commerce features. There are many discount plans at this moment. We work with services that will host your site for as low as $9.95 per month and will offer you domain name registration for about $20.00 per year.

After designing my site, will you be able to work on its maintenance?

Of course. If you update your site's contents frequently we will charge you a monthly fee for maintenance, depending on the amount of images, animations, text and other services you will need to keep your site updated. If you are not planning to update your site very often, we can do it only when you need the service. So we will do the job for you on an hourly rate basis.

If you need further information, please call 818 241 4073. Or email us at our Contact Us area.