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Xiomara Restaurant
A Xiomara Restaurant's print ad, a design as fine as this company's Latin cuisine. Red Arrow

Dr. Julieta Mayra Calderon

Red Arrow Del Sol Psychological Center's website (Dr. Julieta Mayra Calderón).

Don Sazon's dynamic website. Red Arrow
Julian Photos
A Julian Photo Studio's campaign to attract Quinceaneras. Red Arrow

Red Arrow Oddisey restaurant's New Year special promotion.

Serenity Body and
Mind's ad
Red Arrow

La Cubana Restaurant
La Cubana Restaurant's website is one of the most recent digital works by Contacto. Red Arrow

A FEW RECENT WORKS -- Click on images to enlarge...
Contacto has been designing magazines, catalogs, print ads, brochures, newsletters, websites and digital images since July, 1994
Red Arrow Porto's Bakery announcing its opening in Downey, California, in the summer of 2010.

Serenity Body
Don Sazon