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a Forum for Debtors

Credit Debt Consolidation Help Announces releases, a website assisting debtors with their concerns.

"Our website is designed to help debtor find answers to their questions in our forums," says Richard Victor, President of Credit Debt Consolidation Help.

"The forums of contain thousands of contributions related to credit, debt and money issues. Hopefully our visitors will find the answers that they are seeking," explains Mr. Victor.

The website contains more than 60,000 entries related to debt relief. Forum topics include Non-profit credit, Investing and Financial planning, Mutual Funds, Stocks and two separate forums covering taxes and debt consolidation.

"When people start searching for debt consolidation, they may not be ready to commit to a program. We like to give our visitors as much information as is available so that they may make a qualified, informed decision.", states the president. "Of course, we would like our visitors to take action, which is why we offer a free $15.00 Music Gift Card with every accepted application."

Credit Debt Consolidation Help was started by Richard Victor as a way to provide an information service to clients seeking debt consolidation. Operating since 2004, Credit Debt Consolidation Help claims to operate in 8 countries and has been providing debt relief in America.

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Published on March 22, 2005

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