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Enabling Security and Privacy
in an Interconnected World

In remarks during the annual dinner of the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT), on March 2007, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates emphasized the need for comprehensive federal privacy legislation that will provide meaningful protection for individuals online, and set clear guidelines for businesses.

In today's interconnected world, with affordable and powerful PCs, high-speed Internet connections and a plethora of mobile devices, computer users are engaging in rich online experiences around e-commerce, communications and entertainment.

However, with this new interactivity comes an important responsibility – of governments, industry and consumer advocacy groups – to ensure that computer users can trust that their personal information is secure and private.

In his remarks, Gates asserted that some basic standards must be put in place to ensure that personal information is kept secure, that people’s privacy is protected and that they are protected from harm, and cited the company's commitment to building tools, applications and services in order to help keep the Internet a rich resource with which to communicate, play, shop and do business.

Microsoft believes that to provide a consistent, safe online experience, technology, enforcement and industry collaboration need to be supported by effective public policy. This includes strong legislation that prohibits deception, empowers consumers with control over their personal information and protects e-commerce.

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