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The Computer War - Mac vs PC

I remember my very fist computer. I was twelve years old. The computer was a Wang 386 PC. I was amazed at the fact that you could put a cd in it and view pictures and information. Back then you put the CD-ROMs in a square holder, and inserted that into the computer.

I quickly learned all I could about computers and have been a die hard PC guy from then until about one year ago.

I took a job working for a large church as the video tech. They used all Apple/Mac computers. At first I totally hated them. I could not understand a computer not having Windows on it.

However, the more I used them the more I liked them. Many tasks that would have taken a lot of time on my PC worked much faster on the Mac. I also noticed how well the Mac software works in harmony with each-other.

Macs also are more stable than a PC. You all have probably been working on a PC when it has crashed, had an error message, or even worse got a virus. On a Mac that kind of stuff just does not happen.

After I left my church job, I had to go back to using my old PC. I vowed that the next computer i bought would be a Mac. Thankfully, a could of weeks ago I was able to purchase a brand new Mac-Book. What an awesome computer it truly is.

Set up took about five minutes. After entering some basic information I was ready to get online, check e mail, play games, burn CDs, etc. Transferring files was also extremely easy. I put almost 1 gig of files on my usb memory stick. It took a long time to get the files off the pc, but once I put it into the mac after about five minutes I had transfered everything.

So my point is, if you are looking for a new computer why don't you at least check out a Mac. Especially right now with Windows Vista being so unstable. I think once you go Mac there is no going back!

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