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Protecting Your Child from Internet Predators


The internet has revolutionized our lifestyle. It provides fun and educational information and the World Wide Web helps us stay close with friends and family members wherever they live. But there are some serious dangers involved, especially for children that become victims of predators who use the network to lure them into their web of hurt and deceit.

A phenomenal number of children each year fall victim to internet predators. Many are just involved with these individuals over the internet and never actually meet the predator. Friends, family members, or even law enforcement puts a stop to the relationship before it gets out of hand. Unfortunately, many more children are not so lucky and meet these individuals face to face. Often, these individuals abduct, rape, torture, or even kill these poor children.

Parents can block and monitor their child's access to the World Wide Web through parental control features offered by many internet companies, including America Online, Yahoo!, and Netscape. It's an exercise all parents should undertake to prevent their children from watching inappropriate shows.

It's a good idea to talk to your child and explain the internet safety techniques. Keep a close watch on what kind of persons your child is conversing with, and monitor them during the conversation. Always be there for your child when he or she wants to share something with you.

As a rule, schools and libraries do not allow unlimited access to the internet. They have strict rules to regulate what areas of World Wide Web are permissible for kids. If this is not the case, you should raise this issue with school boards or city authorities to impose such rules at these locations.

Another precaution that needs to be taken is at your child's friend's place. You should make your stance on internet access be known to all parties concerned. Preferably, your child and the friend should not be allowed to access the World Wide Web without adult supervision.

The best way for constant supervision is in placing the computer in that room where everyone can view the screen. It is always advisable to place computer in a living room or family room so that there is complete vigilance. This confirms that your kid is not alone while accessing the Internet.

Above all, you must communicate freely with your child and talk about the dangers of the internet. Of course, there is no point in scaring the child but it's important to make him or her aware of potential problems that may arise. Also teach your child how to report such individuals who are participating in undesirable communication.
Complete vigilance and supervision over the kid while accessing Internet not only makes you relax but also keeps you tension free. Internet can prove wonders to your kids but be sure to warn them about the perils of the Internet.

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