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Help! Pornography Keeps Mysteriously
Appearing on My Computer


More than one user has complained about finding unwanted material on their computer. If you are the only person who uses your computer and you know that you haven't visited pornographic content websites, it can be very disheartening to find pornography on your computer.

The Internet is filled with information and just about anything you could want to buy or sell is available at your fingertips. Unfortunately, what you may not be interested in buying or selling might be being pushed in your direction because of Spyware. Spyware can be discreetly hidden in your computer files and could arrive by any number of methods not limited to the following:

-Email attachments that appear harmless
-Toolbars that you've downloaded to help you be more productive
-Java files for chat or file sharing
-Downloaded music, video or movie files
-Freeware programs for entertainment or productivity
And more.

If your browser's home page has been taken over by banner ads or pop-up advertisements, if your computer seems to be running much more slowly than usual or if you're receiving warning messages or annoying pop-ups you have probably contracted Spyware, Adware or malicious software (also known as malware, fakeware or badware) from somewhere. Running antivirus programs probably won't catch and destroy these programs for you and won't protect you against future Spyware or Adware worms.

The unfortunate truth is that up to ninety per cent of all Internet users have or have had Spyware on their computer at one time or another. Spyware can not only fill your monitor with annoying or distasteful images, but it can spy on your every move and report your personal surfing habits to outside parties who could be using this information to try to sell something to you or to try to steal from you in the form of taking your information and stealing your passwords, pin numbers and log in credentials to do damaging things.

Spyware can be combated. You can install a program to scan your computer for these malicious and intrusive programs. Spyblaster cannot only erase the existing spyware but can also protect your computer against future threats. Not all software programs are created equal. Watch out for fakeware disguising itself as freeware designed to help spyware problems. Ensure that your fight to rid your computer of harmful packages designed to spy on you or fill your monitor with filthy and offensive images isn't simply going to result in more problems for you. Use a reputable tool that will be accountable for its actions.

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