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  HP Unveils New Ink-based Printing
Technology for High-volume Workloads

HP bolstered its enterprise imaging and printing product portfolio and strategy, including plans to increase the size and expertise of its sales force, to provide customers with unprecedented levels of service, information and business insight.

As part of the announcement, the company unveiled an ink-based printing
technology - HP Edgeline - specifically designed to handle the high-volume
workloads of businesses. Printers using this technology feature printheads
that span the width of a page - so only the paper moves, not the printheads.

This allows print jobs to be completed in one pass, quickly and precisely with excellent quality.

HP additionally announced its largest-ever rollout of multifunction
printers, which are aimed at replacing copiers in businesses of all sizes.

The company also is making new investments in enterprise services and solutions, including the HP Halo Collaboration Studio, which enables customers to do business in a life-like, face-to-face environment regardless of the geographic
distances separating them from their colleagues.

With these announcements, HP now provides enterprise imaging and printing
customers with a full suite of services and solutions enabled by a world-classproduct portfolio.

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