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  What's New in iTunes 8

All four major music labels — Universal Music Group, Sony BMG, Warner Music Group and EMI — and thousands of independent labels, now offer their music in the DRM-free iTunes Plus format with higher-quality 256 kbps AAC encoding.

Key News Audiences Now Blend Online

For more than a decade, the audiences for most traditional news sources have steadily declined, as the number of people getting news online has surged. However, today it is not a choice between traditional sources and the internet for the core elements of today's news audiences.

Ten Ways to Write Great Blog Posts That Get Attention

Millions of blogs fight for readership online (over 75 million by some counts), with thousands more being created every day. Making yours stand above the rest may seem like a daunting task, but here are ten suggestions for making your blog posts stand out from the crowd.

Satellite Internet Compared to Dial-up

Internet connectivity across the country has been growing at a brisk pace and the FCC has taken steps to ensure that the Internet reaches the interiors of America. The different technologies used to provide Internet connections to customers include dial-up, broadband, cable modem, and DSL.

Spyware Detection - The Simple Facts

Anti spyware software provides the best spyware detection capabilities. Even though programs, such as the Windows Task Manager indicate programs and processes running on your system at any given time, you are not likely to know which programs and processes are supposed to be running.

Produce Home Movies in Minutes

Adobe Systems Incorporated announced the immediate availability of Adobe Premiere Elements 4, a major upgrade to the best-selling consumer video-editing software. Available for Windows, Adobe Premiere Elements software offers easy and flexible ways to create home movies with amazing video and audio effects in just minutes, and then share them on DVDs, via mobile devices or upload them directly to YouTube and other social networking sites.

High Speed Internet Connection

Internet has almost become a lifeline for the new generation. Many businesses now depend entirely on the Internet. People residing in different parts of world are able to talk to each other via the medium of Internet. Video conferencing is a live example of it. Many marriages are also made with the help of the Internet. The list of benefits that Internet provides is limitless.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau's 28
Reasons to Use Interactive Advertising

If you are marketing products and services on the Internet, you should know the Interactive Advertising Bureau's 28 reasons to use interactive advertising.

Town Hall on Privacy Issues and
Online Behavioral Advertising

The Federal Trade Commission will host a two-day Town Hall to bring together consumer advocates, industry representatives, technology experts, and academics to address the consumer protection issues raised by the practice of tracking consumers’ activities online to target advertising – or “behavioral advertising.”

FBI Warns Public of E-mail Scams

The FBI warned the public against three separate Internet scams that continue to flourish through spam e-mails. The warning comes after the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) received a rising number of complaints from citizens over the past few weeks.

Cyber Crimes and Digital Forensics

When the U.S. went to court against Enron, prosecutors arrived with a virtual mountain of evidence gleaned from data—more than 31 terabytes of data—gathered and analyzed during the FBI’s five-year investigation. To put that into perspective, a terabyte is equivalent to about 250 million pages of text, which would stack 10 miles high if printed on both sides of the page.

Where to Locate Quality Stock Photos for Websites

Professional photographs in a website give the website a professional look. Many webmasters do not realize that photographs are copy written and in many cases illegal to use a photograph or image that you find on the web without properly licensing it.

Search Engine Optimization Technique of Choice

Search Engine Optimization is the technique of ranking a web page or site high in the free search engines listings. The Search Engine Optimization effort involves optimizing the various tags in the html such as the title tag, headers, alt tags, anchor text, keywords and more.

Worldwide Pornography Market at Least $97 Billion

Every Second 28,258 Internet Users View Pornography

Worldwide revenues for the pornography industry in 2006 were at least $97 billion, with revenues in the United States fourth highest among all countries at $13.3 billion, according to a TopTenReviews' report.

Rise in Data Theft and Targeted Attacks
Leading to Hackers’ Financial Gain

The current Internet threat environment is characterized by an increase in data theft, data leakage, and the creation of targeted, malicious code for the purpose of stealing confidential information that can be used for financial gain, according to the latest Internet Security Threat Report released by Symantec Corp.

Practical Tips For Buying Your New Laptop

So you want to buy a laptop but don't know where to start. You're not alone. Buying a new laptop can present many challenges, especially if you're unfamiliar with laptops or notebook computers.

5 Reasons To Purchase Desktop Computers

If you are in the market for a computer, there are a number of factors to consider. Will it be used for your home, your office or perhaps even your home office combo? First off, you will need to set a budget for your new purchase before deciding whether to shop for notebook or desktop computers. Many offices use desktop computers because they are not intended to be moved around a lot. In addition, affordability often plays a large role in someone’s decision as to whether to purchase notebook or desktop computers.

Age Demographics Make a Difference in Blogging

RarePlay, a next generation technology company, recently released findings linking age demographics with web board and blog usage. The findings analyze data drawn from inSitesEngine, Rareplay's proprietary platform for extracting web intelligence, and compare both bloggers and web board users across all age categories. inSitesEngine reviewed apx. 1.2 million blogs and 2.5 million web boards taking statistical data for these findings.

Help! Pornography Keeps Mysteriously
Appearing on My Computer

More than one user has complained about finding unwanted material on their computer. If you are the only person who uses your computer and you know that you haven't visited pornographic content websites, it can be very disheartening to find pornography on your computer.

For The Best Protection For Your Laptop And
More You Should Consider An Aluminum Briefcase

You trust your briefcase to hold your working life. Yet it gets banged, jostled, knocked around, even wet, especially in the crowded city. When you finally make it to the office, or return home, there is always an anxious moment, opening the lid and waiting for the results inside. Did your precious cargo survive?

Hide Your Important Computer Documents in Seconds

Today, computers have totally changed the way we work in our offices. We now use a computer for all possible functions such as saving our business details, storing our passwords, keeping record of our tax details and even critical financial information. What is the concern about?

Control Your Budget With Prepaid Cell Phone

Why is prepaid cell phone service great? Prepaid cell phone will help you control your budget. Prepaid service permits you to talk as much as you need or can afford, you are in control of both aspects. If your budget for this month is a bit strained it is ok, because you will just talk and pay less. However if you have enough money and need to talk more, fine, it can be done.

What's The Best Computer and Why

You might be surprised at the answer. Through the years I have been asked this question many times. People understandably would like to know the answer before spending their money. Many think that the only answer is in the big names that they have heard. And it's no wonder these same companies have spent millions promoting their names.

Broadband: Just The Facts

What Is Broadband? Traditional Internet is called dial-up, because it works through dialing the phone line to access the Internet. Broadband Internet access provides a higher speed of transmitting the data to the user. The line carrying the data can therefore carry more information to the user than dial-up.

Cingular Wireless Customers
Can Now Enjoy Music Content

Those in search of the ultimate mobile music experience need look no further than Cingular Wireless which announced the launch of Cingular Music(TM), an integrated, on-the-go music experience that delivers "your music, your way."

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