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  What To Do If Your Cell Phone Is Lost Or Stolen?

There are situations in which sometimes we get in, that we feel rather helpless or without knowing exactly what to do or where to go for help. Having a personal cell phone (telefone celular) lost or stolen may be one of these situations. In cases like these the following tips may be of some at least to minimize the potential problems you may run into.

Nokia and Microsoft to Deliver Windows
Live Services to Millions of Mobile Customers

Nokia, the world’s largest mobile device manufacturer, and Microsoft Corp., a global leader in online communications and communities, have joined together to provide customers with a new suite of Windows Live™ services specifically designed for Nokia devices.

Controversy Over iPhone Battery Replacement

A controversy over the Apple's iPhone battery replacement program has come to light at the end of July as a consumer protection agency and a non-profit organization for consumer and taxpayer rights have written letters to Apple requesting a review of its iPhone repair policies.

Cingular Wireless Customers
Can Now Enjoy Music Content

Those in search of the ultimate mobile music experience need look no further than Cingular Wireless which announced the launch of Cingular Music(TM), an integrated, on-the-go music experience that delivers "your music, your way."

Control Your Budget With Prepaid Cell Phone

Why is prepaid cell phone service great? Prepaid cell phone will help you control your budget. Prepaid service permits you to talk as much as you need or can afford, you are in control of both aspects. If your budget for this month is a bit strained it is ok, because you will just talk and pay less. However if you have enough money and need to talk more, fine, it can be done.

Broadband: Just The Facts

What Is Broadband? Traditional Internet is called dial-up, because it works through dialing the phone line to access the Internet. Broadband Internet access provides a higher speed of transmitting the data to the user. The line carrying the data can therefore carry more information to the user than dial-up.

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