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Age Demographics Make a Difference in Blogging

RarePlay, a next generation technology company, recently released findings linking age demographics with web board and blog usage.

The findings analyze data drawn from inSitesEngine, Rareplay's proprietary platform for extracting web intelligence, and compare both bloggers and web board users across all age categories. inSitesEngine reviewed apx. 1.2 million blogs and 2.5 million web boards taking statistical data for these findings.

RarePlay identifies that roughly 73% of bloggers are under the age of 30. Additionally, a distinct age disparity between bloggers and web board users is identified; with the median age for bloggers hovering around 25.2 while the median age for web board users is five years older at 30.2.

"As a technology company we are constantly looking for ways to not only create new technologies but utilize current ones to gain valuable insight – inSitesEngine allows us to do just that," Ron Knowlton, RarePlay CTO, said. "We employ the very medium that bloggers and web board users use to learn precious business insight on them. Our findings here are interesting because they specifically identify key age demographics as the main users of blogs and web boards."

Bob Rattivarakorn, RarePlay Marketing Director, said, "From a marketing or advertising perspective the fact that these findings identify a majority of bloggers and web board users to be under 30 years of age exposes a great opportunity to reach and communicate with such a desirable and influential demographic. Generally speaking, they have a large disposable income and trendsetting capability – a marketers dream."

For more detailed information on inSitesEngine or to view or download data from the mentioned blog and web board findings, visit RarePlay's website at

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