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New Book by Child Author Teaches Children
about Democracy in a Child-Friendly Way

Sniffing for Democracy chronicles the adventures of a dog named Spangle who, after being arrested for criticizing the president, searches the world over for a democracy that smells right because his started to stink.

In chapters with titles like “Up Against the Great Wall of Outsourcing,” “What is Democracy?” and “Talk About Stench! Florida” Spangle meets dogs around the world who instruct him about capitalism, pollution, outsourcing, the right to vote, freedom of speech and war.

Spangle finds out what a true democracy smells like when he is thrust back in time to the beginning of democracy in the United States of Dogs. Invigorated Spangle resolves to join with other dogs and change the smell of the democracy in 2004.

Lynn Chertkov, social worker and child therapist, recommends the book to parents. “Sniffing for Democracy, enriched by the words and drawings of a child, opens the door for children to understand what democracy is—its strengths and weaknesses. It is both entertaining and an excellent educational tool. It encourages an exchange of ideas either in your home or in your classroom. This is not just a book to buy and put on your shelf.”

Tony Trupiano, nationally syndicated radio show host of The Tony Trupiano Show, “Sniffing for Democracy opens a door to the ideal that empowering our children with a real understanding of the political process, and giving voice and reason to be engaged in what we have a birth right to participate in, is a gift any family can give. This book is an excellent first step to introducing young people in how to become engaged in and curious about their future.”

Parents and teachers can use Sniffing for Democracy as a springboard for discussions about democracy, war, freedom of speech, pollution, outsourcing and voting rights. A set of questions for book discussion groups is provided to enable them to get the most out of this approachable way of teaching about current events.

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Published on October 21, 2004

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