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Hispanic News Outlets, Unavoidable Needs

It Is Not a Matter of Language, It's a Matter of Coverage

For four decades, Heriberto Gonzalez has lived in the United States. He speaks English fluently and is an avid consumer of English-language news media. However his primary source of information are Spanish-language newspapers, radio and TV. Why does he need Hispanic news outlets?

A New One-Way Cultural Exchange Between Cuba and the U.S.

As in the 1990s, the United States is ready to open a new one-way cultural exchange with Cuba. Very soon, one of Cuba's most prominent official singer/composer, Pablo Milanés, will tour 13 U.S. cities. He will be followed by a number of artists and writers from the Caribbean island. When will Gloria Estefan sing in Cuba? It might never happen. When will Cuban American actor Andy Garcia be allowed to make a film in Cuba? It might never happen. The late Queen of Salsa, Celia Cruz, died in 2003 with no chance to visit her beloved Cuba after more than 40 years in exile. She was even denied a visa by the Cuban government to attend her mother's funeral in 1962. Young Cubans know her music by CDs smuggled to the island by relatives. She has been censored there for half a century. And she is still censored, six years after her death.

Honduras, a Comedy of Errors

It had nothing to do with William Shakepeare. It has just happened in Latin America. It isn't a joke, it's a very serious event. It's Latin American politics. The Honduran Supreme Court and Congress, in full, two constitutional powers in the Central American country, had every legal tool at hand to impeach President Manuel Zelaya, who had broken the law by trying to carry out a referendum to gain a reelection. Instead of impeaching him publicly, the Congress deployed troops in the capital city of Tegucigalpa, arrested Zelaya and put him in a plane toward Costa Rica, in pajamas. Half of the world knows that sending troops against a Latin president sounds like a military coup, no matter if it's a coup or not. The other half doesn't know that Zelaya had broken the law. And the two half combined don't know that the Honduran Congress, including Zelaya's Liberal Party, in full, was ready to impeach him. No deaths reported.

Charging for News Content, a Historic Debate

Rupert Murdoch, owner of News Corporation, announced that his company will start charging for online access to newspapers in 12 months. His decision is based on the fact that one of News Corporation's paper, The Wall Street Journal, has been performing well on such a model.

How Close Is the Great Depression, Part 2?

Credit crunch, unemployment rates and financial disaster have led many Americans to believe that the United States is approaching a remake of the Great Depression of 1929, a terrible economic slump that lasted about 10 years. How close are we from a depression?

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