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Feature Article vs. Press Release

- Hispanic News Outlets Are More Likely to Use a Feature Article than a Regular Press Release

- Nothing Like the Narrative Approach of a Well Written Feature Article

- Articles Will Always Attract the Attention of the General Public and Journalists Much Better than a Regular Press Release

- A Feature Article is Editorial Content, Not Advertising...

To please readers of Hispanic origin you can't find nothing like the narrative approach of a well written Spanish-language feature article. That's why Contacto PR News is offering corporations, public relations agencies and individuals a free distribution through all its circuits when they order the writing of an original feature article.

This special offer will result in a significant saving for PR clients.

"Hispanic news outlets are more likely to use a feature article than a regular press release. A feature article always contains the most basic information about a company, including but not limited to special events, corporate decisions and a company's profile, but it's written with a true journalistic flavor," said Jesus Hernandez Cuellar, Editor in Chief of Contacto PR News. "It saves news editors, producers and reporters a lot of time and energy. Also, a feature article will always attract the attention of the general public much better than a regular press release."

"The current economic downturn has forced news organizations to downsize their staff. Unfortunately, nearly 20,000 journalists have been laid off in the past two years, even in the Hispanic news media based in the United States, Latin America and Spain. Feature articles make the news gathering and publishing processes easier for news outlets," according to Mr. Hernandez Cuellar.

Feature articles are greatly appreciated by weeklies, blogs and news sites not subscribed to giant news services like Associated Press, Reuters, AFP or Getty Images. And also by radio and TV newscasters looking for informational texts to air and post in their blogs and online editions.

How does this special offer work?

- When a client orders the writing of a feature article, Contacto PR News will make the distribution of such a feature article absolutely free via all its distribution circuits (U.S. National, regional, local, Latin America and Spain). Please, see our distribution circuits. This offer may save our clients up to $900.00 per distribution order. Please, see our distribution rates.

- This special offer expires on March 10, 2010 at 5 p.m., Pacific time.

- To write a Spanish-language original feature article, Contacto PR News usually needs to interview at least one source from the organization about the main topic of the article (timely or non-timely news, background, opinions, previous experiences); a company's profile; and at least one high-resolution photo provided by the company. Contacto PR News will discuss with the client the focus and style of the feature article, and the information to be used, length and cost. Please, see our writing fees.

- The free distribution of the feature article will occur at the client's convenience. The client must set a distribution date at least 48 hours in advance. Please be aware of the expiration date.

If you need further information about this special offer, please call Contacto PR News at 818 241 4073 or email us by using our electronic form.

Source: Contacto PR News

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