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News Releases in the Information Age

For many years, PR practitioners have been writing and disseminating news releases in order to encourage the news media to publish or air a story about their company or clients. Internet has changed that. You no longer have to wait until news organizations decide to publish or air some news about your company or clients. Now you can place your news release in the hands of end users directly, without intermediaries.

Today you can see PR practitioners optimizing news releases (text, audio and video releases) by using the proper keywords and keyphrases that may help search engines find and index their contents on the Internet. However, SEO (search engine optimization) does not guarantee PR agents that search engines will index their releases during any specific campaign timeline. It may take months before search engines decide to index contents from any website. Even after being indexed, such a content needs to gain visibility (Google Page Rank). It may take years to get a good visibility. If you go to Google and search for the "U.S. Hispanics" keyword, Google will serve you exactly 1,460,000 results in just 0.08 seconds. Most Internet users only see the first five to seven results shown above the fold, then click on one of them. How to get a solid rank among the first 10 places? Only Google's engineers know, but they won't tell you.

That's why ContactoMagazine.com is launching its PR Exposure plan. What is all about? ContactoMagazine.com, an online bilingual publication aimed at U.S. Hispanics, was established on December 17, 1998. It has a Google Page Rank of 6. The PR Exposure plan is a marketing tool specifically designed for PR practitioners eager to provide their companies or clients with immediate online visibility.

How does the PR Exposure plan work?

1.- You buy an online ad unit on a CPM basis hyperlinked to any landing page where your news release is located. You may select any national geotargeting: United States only, United States and Mexico, or any other combination in order to get better results. If you don't need traffic from Europe, Asia or Latin America, you don't have to pay for Internet users coming from those regions or countries. You will be able to monitor your campaign through our OpenAds adserver, where you will see how many AdViews and AdClicks you are receiving as well as your CTR (click through rate) every minute if you want.

2.- ContactoMagazine.com will include a link to your company's or client's website in newsletters emailed weekly to opt-in subscribers at no additional charge.

3.- Our sister company Contacto PR News will email a link pointing to your news release to other Spanish language print publications, TV networks, local TV stations, newswires, and online publications at no additional charge.

4.- If needed, ContactoMagazine.com will design your banner ad, including Gif animations, at no additional charge.

If you need further information, please send an email to
ads at contactomagazine dot com or call 818 241 4073.

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