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Market Intelligence Summit to Reveal
Consumer Diversity and Growth

America is undergoing a tremendous cultural shift as Hispanics, Asians, and African Americans are forming an increasingly important part of our nation—with over 80 percent of the nation’s growth and nearly 100 million people. The marketing opportunities presented to Fortune1000 companies by these changes are exactly what The 4th Annual Multicultural Market Intelligence Summit addresses. Most corporations have concluded that multicultural consumers form a key part of their growth strategy, how to capitalize on this growth is the key remaining question.

This summit, which will take place October 24-26, 2007 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Brickell Key, Miami-Florida promises to show executives and marketers how to understand business opportunities in multicultural markets more clearly. Through case studies and workshops conducted by industry leading companies that have discovered the benefits of partnering with Geoscape – now The Latin Force Group - participants will learn about such topics as:

-- Assessing Market Potential and Planning Strategic Growth; a session presented by Goldman Sachs that provides a primer on gaining strategic business advantages from multicultural marketing.

-- African America and Beyond, Black and Urban Culture and Influence; a session presented by Vibes to demonstrate how the “Urban” market segment transcends nationalities into a common lifestyle that can serve as a channel for marketers.

-- Asian Americans: Rich Diversity within a Cultural Segment; a workshop presented by Nationwide that will provide effective examples of targeting various Asian segments.

-- Consumer Goods workshop put together by General Mills that teaches how integrated marketing, distribution, and relationship marketing advances CPG goals.

-- Strategic Media Planning from the perspective of Univision and DirecTV.

The Summit will provide live entertainment each evening featuring Latin Rock Fusion Band: Locos por Juana and Recording Artist & Singer Mayte and many more. At the conclusion of the conference, an Apple iPhone will be raffled off.

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