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New Study: Magazines Enhance
the Shopping Experience

A proprietary new study was unveiled by Wendy Liebmann, Founder and CEO, WSL Strategic Retail, at the 2008 Retail Conference. The research, commissioned by Magazine Publishers of America (MPA) and conducted as an adjunct to WSL’s prominent biannual study “How America Shops,” provides a detailed look at the changing dynamics at retail with additional research on the role that magazines play in shaping consumers’ in-store experiences. The 2008 Retail Conference is co-produced by MPA and International Periodical Distributors Association (IPDA).

Here are a few magazine-specific highlights from the research.

Women who buy magazines have the potential to be retailers’ best customer in tough economic times because…

- People who buy magazines are less price sensitive, and enjoy browsing more than the average shopper. They also value their time and are more willing to pay a premium to get in and out of a store quickly.

- People who buy magazines, particularly women, shop in substantially more channels than the typical American shopper. This at a time when shoppers overall are cutting back their weekly shopping trips.

- Magazines are No. 1 on the list of favorite affordable treats that women buy for themselves, beating out beverages, food, candy, cosmetics, music and videos.

- Magazines are the No. 1 item women want to see at checkout, ahead of candy, gum and mints, beverages and newspapers.

In their book Getting Business to Come to You, Paul and Sarah Edwards and Laura Clampitt Douglas highlight the following benefit of advertising in magazines:

- Readership generally has a higher average income and more discretionary income than newspaper readership.

- Most magazine readers read them to find resources. Ads can be as important as the articles.

- Far more time is spent reading magazines than reading any other single consumer-based print medium.

- Magazine are kept, read repeatedly, and passed from person to person.

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