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Hispanic News Media and Press Releases

If you own a business company or you are a public relations practitioner, there are several things you should know before sending a press release to the Hispanic news media.

News editors, producers and reporters see press releases (also known as news releases) as information. But information contained in press releases should be of interest to their audiences. Otherwise, the news release will go to the trash can. Same thing happens at English-language, mainstream newsrooms.

Phillip Yaffe, former writer of The Wall Street Journal, once wrote: "my job was to screen submissions to decide which ones we would print and which ones we would throw away."

"Approximately 80 - 85% of submissions failed the first screening, a life or death decision usually made within 60 seconds or less. On the other hand, the vast majority of those that survived this first screening also survived the second one and were ultimately published," Yaffe added.

In the public relations industry, you may also find practitioners who think that Hispanic news media will accept any news release, especially small publications, because they don't have a budget to buy newswire services such as Associated Press, AFP, EFE or Notimex. So, supposedly, they need news contents. Wrong. Even the smallest publications have contributing writers who writes articles on immigration, health, entertainment and sports.

Other PR practitioners expect small publications to print commercial press releases from big companies as a way to open the door for big dollar advertisements. Wrong. The true effect is the opposite. Small publishers know very well such a PR practitioners' wishfull thinking. Instead, they get offended. They feel they are being taken for granted.

"We are not stupid people... if they want to reach our readers, all they have to do is to buy ad space," a small publisher said on the condition to remain anonymous.

Government agencies and nonprofit organizations' PR pitches get different attention if their news releases are of interest to the Hispanic news media's audiences. Of course, what they pitch should also be newsworthy. Otherwise, they also go to the trash can.

If you need to send a news release to the U.S. Hispanic news media, make sure it is newsworthy and/or of great interest to Hispanic audiences. Never forget that in order to avoid wasting your time and energy.

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