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Hispanic Business and Entrepreneurship

There are approximately 2 million Hispanic-owned businesses in the country that generate almost $300 billion in annual gross receipts. By 2010, there will be 3.2 million Hispanic firms generating $465 billion, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration.

The number of Hispanic-owned companies grew 82 percent since 1997, making them among the fastest-growing business segments in the nation
(Source: HispanTelligence)

A Junior Achievement poll showed that some 79 percent of Latino teenagers want to start their own businesses, compared with 69 percent of non-Hispanic white teenagers.
(Source: Hispanic Trends)

1 out of every 10 small businesses will be Hispanic by this year 2007.
(Source: Hispanic Trends)

Small businesses make up 98 percent of all businesses and create the majority of new jobs added to the economy.
(Source: Small Business Administration)

Hispanics account for over 13 percent of the documented U.S. labor force and are expected to increase to 20 percent by 2030.
(Source: HispanTelligence)

Hispanic employment has grown more than 16 percent since 2000, while overall U.S. employment has barely grown 2 percent.
(Source: HispanTelligence)

Latina Owned Business

Hispanic women-owned Businesses number 553,618, employ 320,000 and generate $44.4 billion in sales nationwide.
(Source: Center for Women's Business Research)

More than one-third (34.9%) of all Hispanic owned firms are owned by women. Hispanic women-owned firms employ 18.5% of the workers in all Hispanic-owned firms and generate 16.3% of the sales.
(Source: Center for Business Women's Business Research)

Latinas control 39 percent of the 1.4 million companies owned by minority women in the United States, which generate nearly $147 billion in sales.
(Source: Center for Women's Business Research)

Four in ten minority women-owned firms are owned by Latinas.
Between 1987 and 1996, the number of Latina-owned businesses grew by 206 percent, compared with 47 percent of all businesses.
(Source: Center for Women's Business Research)

Between 1997 and 2004, the number of firms owned by Hispanic women increased by nearly 64 percent, to 553,618, and their combined revenue climbed by more than 62 percent, to $44.4 billion.
(Source: Center for Women's Business Research)

10 states with the greatest number of Hispanic women-owned firms in 2002 were California (17 %), Texas (18%), Florida (16%), New York (14%), Arizona (13%), Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Mexico and Colorado.
(Source: Center for Women's Policy)

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