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Fiesta Latina 2009, a Marketing Opportunity

Hispanics/Latinos have been playing important roles in the U.S. politics, entertainment, science, business, sports, news media and as consumers who have a purchasing power of over $900 billion a year. Contacto Magazine has been paying tribute to those Hispanic contributions to the United States with an annual special series named Fiesta Latina.

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This year, Fiesta Latina 2009 will be launched on Saturday, July 18, and will also run through August and September, 2009 when the Hispanic Heritage Month will be officially celebrated. Contacto Magazine is also celebrating its 15th anniversary.

Did you know that three Hispanics have won Nobel Prizes? That Cameron Diaz, Andy Garcia, Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek and many other Latinos have changed the face of Hollywood? That two million private companies in the United States are owned and operated by Hispanics, 400,000 in California, 50,000 in Los Angeles county? That about 500,000 Hispanic soldiers fought in World War II? That Costa Rican-American Franklin Chang Diaz is one of the NASA's most experienced astronauts?

All this information and more will be published in Fiesta Latina 2009, a historic editorial project Contacto Magazine has been publishing every year since 1999.

Fiesta Latina 2009 is a great opportunity for businesses and professionals to reach Hispanics/Latinos who live in Los Angeles area through the Contacto Magazine's print edition, and to be in touch with Hispanics/Latinos living in L.A. and other U.S. cities through

Contacto Magazine was established in Los Angeles on July 1, 1994. Since then it has been publishing feature articles on music, films, arts, books, immigration, health, politics, consumer affairs, Latin food and other topics of interest to Hispanics/Latinos.

If you need further information on how to participate as a Fiesta Latina's advertiser/sponsor, please call 818 241 4073 or email Contacto at

Ask for frequency discount ad rates for Fiesta Latina 2009 after visiting our Media Kit for local businesses on the Internet.

Media Kit for Local Businesses:

Please, also see past issues of Fiesta Latina:


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