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AUB's Board of Directors: John Alejo, Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Liborio Markets; Jules G. Buenabenta, CEO Jules & Associates, Inc.; Manuel J. Remon, Chairman; Gilbert J. Dalmau, President and CEO; Cynthia Telles, Clinical Professor, UCLA Department of Psychiatry; Noel R. Ryan Jr., Investment Banker, Houliban, Lokey, Howard and Zukin; Ricardo L. Martin, President, Martin & Associates; Larry H. Satcher, President, Direct Construction Company.

AUB Hires One of the Top SBA Loan
Producers in the United States

Americas United Bank (AUB) announced its most recent appointment of Arturo Concha, one of the top SBA loan producers in the United States, to the position of Senior Vice President and Manager of the SBA/ Commercial Capital Division.

AUB’s CEO and President Gil Dalmau announced Concha’s appointment.

“As the first primarily Latino-owned bank in California in over 30 years, AUB has enjoyed tremendous momentum from our launch until now. The addition of Arturo Concha is significant to our bank as we strive to accommodate the banking needs of small to mid-sized businesses in our target market. Mr. Concha is considered one of the top SBA producers in the entire country and we are proud to add his leadership, skills and unbridled tenacity to our SBA/Commercial Capital division.”

Concha comes to AUB from Banco Popular where he was a top producer nationwide for several years in-a- row.

“Americas United Bank has all the ingredients to become a phenomenal, ground-breaking bank. The experience of AUB’s founders, personnel and board of directors is inspiring! I am very proud that this group of business pioneers wanted me on their team. I look forward to serving the needs of our small business community and to establishing AUB as a top-producing SBA Lender,” Concha said.

Arturo Concha likens his approach to that of an MD. When a doctor sees a patient, he evaluates the circumstance and seeks a solution. Concha examines the need of a client, evaluates the situation and then seeks a financial resolution for him or her in a similar manner. In addition, he charts a client’s financial history in a similar way that a doctor chronicles a medical history—all critical factors for what he does, according to a press release from AUB.

When asked to recall a favorite moment in his business career, Concha fondly reflects upon a transaction that took place a few years ago. At that time, Concha helped finance a deal for one of his customers who had eleven brothers. During the course of the transaction, Concha garnered a terrific relationship with the entire family. Eventually, he helped all of the brothers secure financing for their respective businesses.

“I’m a bridge builder,” says Concha. “Now that I am at Americas United Bank, I have the tools to build skyscrapers too!”

Americas United Bank (AUB) opened its doors for business in Glendale, California as a State Chartered financial institution on November 6, 2006. It is the first primarily Hispanic owned bank to open in the state of California in over thirty years.

Founded by a group of respected and successful business leaders (primarily from the Hispanic community), AUB is a full-service commercial bank that provides business and personal banking products and services, including business and real estate loans, SBA loans, lines of credit, corporate debit & credit cards, international trade solutions, and more.

AUB’s founders understand from first-hand experience that locally-owned banks with local decision-making power are critical to business growth. AUB represents the bridge between companies and their business dreams. It provides the working capital they need to succeed in addition to offering attractive loan terms that make expansion and capital improvements more feasible. AUB is a bank made up of business people for business people. The business-minded founders of AUB recognize that the bank’s success will be driven by the success of its customers.

For more information, please visit Americas United Bank on the Internet, or call 818 637-7000.

AUB Opens Its Doors to Serve the Needs
of the Hispanic Business Community

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