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Americas United Bank Opens Its Doors to Serve
the Needs of the Hispanic Business Community

Americas United Bank (AUB), a Glendale-based Hispanic-owned and managed business bank, opened its doors to serve the banking needs of small- to medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals, with a specialized emphasis on serving the Hispanic business and professional communities in Southern California. It is believed to be the first Hispanic-owned bank to open in the state of California in over thirty years.

“I am thrilled to lead an organization that serves the needs of the growing Hispanic business community in Southern California,” stated Gil Dalmau, AUB President and CEO. “While the bank will provide targeted products and services to the Hispanic business community, it will also serve the broader multi-ethnic business market. However, the Hispanic focus of the bank, along with the growth of the Hispanic business and the ethnic composition of the greater Los Angeles area, represent significant market opportunities for the bank.”

The bank will have a relationship with its customers built in service and trust. Its highly experienced banking team will be dedicated to providing the personal attention every customer deserves, while providing the resources, products, and services that will rival any of those offered by larger banks.

AUB offers all the basic business banking services such as payroll
services, business planning, business loans, etc. In addition, a personal
banking specialist is assigned to each account - something unique to AUB and not offered at any other large banking institution.

“AUB’s executive staff and Board of Directors have over 160 years of combined banking and finance experience in Southern California,” added AUB Chairman, Manuel Remon. “This experience provides AUB customers with a value-added, consultative approach when working with the bank and selecting from a suite of banking products and services that will solve their financial and business challenges, and ultimately provide the tools to grow their business.”

AUB’s centrally located corporate headquarters and main office is located at 801 N Brand Blvd., Suite 1150, Glendale, California. Business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals interested in learning more about AUB, can schedule an appointment with a personal relationship manager by calling (818) 637-7000.

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