The Latin Grammy and Yalil Guerra

For third consecutive year Yalil Guerra and RYCY Productions have produced the music theme for the 8th Latin Grammy awards, 2007. The show will be broadcasted at Univision, November 8th, from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Composer, arranger and producer Yalil Guerra has created the music theme for the occasion. “I’m pleased with the theme that I’m delivering for the event, a Rock piece with latino influences makes the music one of my favorites. This is the third consecutive year that I have been involved in the production/composition of this important show for the Latin music industry.”, quoted Yalil Guerra.

“I’m thankfull for having the opportunity to work with Univision once again, and delivering a product with the top quality, both musically and technically, is a great satisfaction for me”, Yalil Guerra said.

Frank Fontaine (saxophone), Ramon Flores (trumpet) and Cesar Espinoza (percussion) also recorded the Latin Grammy theme, while Guerra played the piano, electric bass and guitars and solo guitar.

In adition Yalil Guerra is working on Yamila Guerra’s new project and composing a new symphonic work. Recently he finished the Suite Cubana for String Quartet and piano, this work is going to be featured by Musica Camerata Montreal at the exposition Cuba, Art and History that will take place at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Recently, Yalil Guerra also produced and arranged two songs for the upcoming workout DVD/CD called Tinva. La Tin-va is a new expression of Latin rhythm and dance.

Guerra was born in Havana, Cuba April 27th,1973. The son of the famous Cuban vocal duo Rosell y Cary, he started singing when he was 5 years old, touring all across Cuba with his family and sister Yamila Guerra (a singer and actress). His first musical studies were at the National School of Music (ENA) in Havana, Cuba. He also studied at the Spain's Royal Conservatory Reina Sofia in Madrid.

At the age of 16, Guerra won the International Competition & Festival of Classical Guitar in Krakow, Poland, as well as the Special Prize. He thus became the youngest Cuban awarded a prize in an international competition.

He started his career as a producer and arranger in 1990 and has worked with artists and musicians like: Celia Cruz, Albita Rodríguez, Rey Ruiz, Isaac Delgado, Yamila, Mirayda, Arturo Ramos, Gustavo Ramirez, Kenny O’Brien, Fernando Carrillo, Azuquita, Chino Espinoza y Los Dueños del Son among others.

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