Writer and Producer Odalys Nanin Revives Historical Theatre Landmark

Award-winning playwright and producer Odalys Nanin has become quite a motivation and an inspiration to many aspiring talents and business entrepreneurs alike, not only as a woman but as well as a Latina. Her newly revived Macha Theatre stands tall and strong as one of the only Latina run theaters in the country.

Indeed, Nanin is the instigator behind the survival of one of LA's historical Theatre landmark, The Globe Playhouse, now renamed MACHA THEATRE (Mujeres 'women' Advancing Culture, History &Art) . Her bold and courageous move to purchase and preserve the theater a few months ago evidently heralds the fact that, despite contrary beliefs, West Hollywood and on a larger scale Los Angeles, does not lack culture nor Art history. Indeed, LA may be pretentious and shalllow to some degree, mainly because of its stature as the entertainment core of the world, but the city also has a deeply rooted cultural center derived from such landmarks as The Getty Museum, The Hollywood Bowl, The Los Angeles County Museum of Arts, The Music Center, to name a few. Now MACHA Theatre is another historical venue that can confidently find its place among these popular venues that make for the mecca of LA's cultural epicenter.

When legendary Thad Taylor, founder of the Shakespeare Society of America and world-famous Globe Playhouse in West Hollywood, passed away last fall, the fate of this landmark theater was in jeopardy. After all, 35 years of serving the theater community could have whithered and died had no one come along to continue the grand tradition. This is where Odalys comes into play. Her long history with the theater certainly made her the pefect candidate to take on the task. She first performed in it upon arriving in Los Angeles to act in her second performance ever and originally was about to open Skin of Honey when she found out Thad was in the hospital.

Now, this renaissance woman is turning Macha Theatre into a community cultural arts center for artists to exhibit and express their talents (whether painters, actors, writers, etc..). To that end, Odalys has developed a bohemian to boutique-ish atmosphere in the authentic space that was once the Globe Playhouse.

Odalys has no plans on changing the original Shakespearean stage and has actively sought ways to restore rather than rebuild or substitute. For instance, the chairs in the theater are vintage 1942 theaters seats that were originally being sold for scrap metal - Odalys has salvaged them. Macha Theatre/Films also includes a one of a kind screening room dubbed Garbo's Screening Room where films, shorts and a variety of independent projects can be viewed. In addition, Odalys is setting up a Comedy night in the Lobby area with Sandra Valls from Showtimes Latin Divas of Comedy.

Odalys' integrity and devoted passion for the arts is perhaps also the reason why high-profile people have joined forces in the cause including actress Eva Tamargo (known for her role on NBC's "Passions") who sits on the Macha executive panel as a Honorary Board Member.

Odalys herself carries an impressive professional dossier having earned three Dramalogue Awards, not to mention having published three plays and written/produced two short films. Last September she world-premiered her latest play Skin of Honey ("Piel de Miel") - written, directed and produced by Nanin. A compelling story weaves a political theme through the romantic history of two teenagers torn apart by the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion into Cuba only to be reunited again after twenty years of separation. She has garnered impressive media coverage including The LA Times, La Opinion, Univision, NBC News, LA Weekly, Entertainment Today, to name a few.

Nanin's remarkable numerous accomplishments within the entertainment industry particularly in the performing arts category have undeniably positioned her as a creative voice and force certainly to be reckoned with.

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Odalys Nanin

Odalys Nanin.