Contacto PR News Is Celebrating Its 10th Anniversary

Contacto PR News, a Hispanic press release distribution service, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Since August 2000, Contacto PR News has helped the PR community reach the Hispanic news media in the United States, Latin America and Spain.

With a focus on public affairs, Contacto PR News has translated and distributed press releases from the American Society of Microbiology, the Fred Hutchinson Foundation, the Association of Hispanic Business Women and other organizations.

"The evolution of social communication never moved faster than it has in the last decade," said Jesus Hernandez Cuellar, president and founder of Contacto PR News. "Today we place our clients' press releases in the hands of news editors, producers, reporters, columnists, reviewers and bloggers, who work not only in the U.S. Hispanic news media but also in Latin America's and Spain's newsrooms.

Benefits of Using Contacto PR News' Services

- Distribution of your news release in both English and Spanish for the same price, with the committment of placing your release in the hands of real decision-makers at newsrooms;

- free translation to Spanish of news releases for distribution through the U.S. National, Spain's and Latin America's circuits, and affordable news release and feature article writing for all circuits;

- free handling of your images, including high resolution image and multimedia files for distribution through the U.S. Hispanic, Spain's and Latin America's circuits and U.S. regional circuits..., and more.

To learn more about Contacto PR News.

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