Immigration Reform Special Series and will run a Spanish language feature article series about the current debate on the United States immigration reform with the sponsorship of private companies and nonprofit organizations.

Articles will run on the Internet at the fingertips of Hispanics/Latinos living in the United States. What is the status of the immigration reform? Who's working on and supporting it? Who's destroying the hope of 11 million immigrants needing to come out from the shadows? What about the future of Arizona's SB 1070 law? Who's Maricopa Sheriff Joe Arpaio? Will undocumented immigrants have a legalization through an immigration reform? Answers to all these questions will be published in both and as part of a special editorial project carefully researched and written by seasoned editors and reporters.

News media professionals like Maria Luisa Arredondo, Jorge Macías, Agustín Durán, Jesús Hernández Cuéllar, Maribel Hastings and other journlists will write all feature articles that will be part of this special series.

To Visit LatinoCalifornia's Immigration channel

To Visit Contacto Magazine's Immigration channel

Private companies and nonprofit organizations willing to be sponsors of this project may call (714) 805 1979 and (714) 775 3440.

Fiesta Latina 2010, a Special Edition Series

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