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Online U.S. Hispanics Are Internet
Trend Setters, Study Shows

Online Hispanics in the U.S. are "media mavens," consuming and adopting media and technology at a higher rate than the general population, according to new research released by Yahoo! Telemundo and Experian Simmons Research.

The study found that Hispanics lead the general market in "media meshing" and use of key mobile phone features as they spend more than half of each day engaged with television, Internet and technology gadgets. Overall, Hispanics identified 51 hours of total daily activities, including 14 hours with technology and 13.5 hours with media. Online U.S. Hispanics regularly combine TV and Internet to enrich their media experience and would like to see more online options in Spanish.

The study, entitled "Conexion Cultural/Connected Culture," included results from a poll of more than 2,600 18-55 online Hispanics that consume some Spanish language media weekly, combined with extensive in-home interviews and media usage diaries from 24 Hispanic families in three major U.S. markets. Compared to other studies that address Internet use among Hispanics, this study focused on online Hispanics who regularly consume Spanish language media in order to identify the role that the Internet and TV play in their lives.

"In Hispanic households, TV serves as a backdrop to everyday living," said Michele Madansky, vice president, global market research, Yahoo!. "Layered on top of that, Hispanics engage with online content and use both cell phones and the internet to enhance personal connections. Hispanics are heavy users of ubiquitous media and technology because they help them stay connected to what matters most to them -- culture, community, friends and family -- in both the U.S. and their countries of origin."

"The study shows us once again that the online U.S. Hispanic community is vibrant and well ahead of the general population in many aspects," said Millie Carrasquillo, SVP, Research, Telemundo. "They are avid consumers of both TV and Internet and demand more options in Spanish language content. The fact that TV viewership continues to grow among U.S. Hispanics while Internet penetration has almost doubled, combined with the high penetration of broadband access in this segment, presents a unique opportunity to offer this diverse audience more choices of meaningful and relevant content."

Some of the highlights of the study include:

-- Hispanics with Internet access outpace the general population in reported hours of daily media and technology use, identifying a total of 51 hours of total daily activities including 27 percent of each day (14 hours) spent with technology, and 26 percent (13.5 hours) spent with media (the general market identified only eight hours a day with technology and nine hours with media).

-- Online U.S. Hispanics are early adopters and users of media, devices and their features compared to the general population. Hispanic population/Total population have: digital camera 79/percent 53 percent; have cell phone 90 percent/ 79 percent; have video game console 66 percent/ 52 percent; took photos on mobile phone 61 percent/28 percent; use text messaging 66 percent/38 percent.

-- Online U.S. Hispanics are highly experienced and multi-faceted on the Internet. Two-thirds have been online for more than five years, 80 percent have access to broadband and 44 percent have wireless access.

-- Although study respondents consume Spanish language media, Spanish dominant respondents stated that they consume two-thirds of their online content in English due to the lack of Spanish language options.

-- The combination of TV and Internet enriches the content experience of online U.S. Hispanics. Fifty percent go online while watching TV, and slightly over half search for content on their favorite shows and would like to watch extra scenes from their favorite shows on the Internet. More than a third agrees that TV is more fun with Internet access. Although Internet growth for U.S. Hispanics has almost doubled in the last six years,(a) while time spent with TV has remained somewhat constant,(b) Internet usage has enhanced TV consumption.

The Yahoo! Telemundo and Simmons research suggests that the cultural ties that bind the Hispanic community create a unique set of opportunities for marketers in reaching these consumers -- not only across multiple media channels, but also in both English and Spanish languages. While the Hispanic population has grown significantly in recent years (up 21 percent from 2000 - 2005), the percentage of Hispanics that are Spanish-language dominant has remained steady. Spanish-language television remains very popular and serves an important role in helping Hispanics stay connected to their culture.

The research offers key insights for marketers in developing campaigns that reflect an appreciation for how cultural considerations overlay media and technology use by Hispanics:

-- Since Hispanics' usage of media and technology is pervasive, across multiple channels and devices, marketers should meet Hispanics with strategic messaging across multiple platforms.

-- With nearly 80 percent of online Hispanics using broadband, there is significant growth potential for online video advertising.

-- As the bilingual and Spanish-language dominant population continues to grow at a fast pace, campaigns should include Spanish content and incorporate a Spanish-language purchase process.

The Conexion Cultural research project is one of the most extensive inquiries into how U.S. Hispanics today use interactive media and technologies, and included both qualitative and quantitative assessments. The qualitative component, conducted by Ipsos Understanding, was an ethnographic assessment of online U.S. Hispanics, including broadband household members from 24 homes across a wide geographic area including Los Angeles, New York and Dallas. The quantitative survey, fielded by Simmons Research in November and December 2006, included 2,636 respondents, with 2,330 responses captured online, and 306 telephone interviews.

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