When you buy online ad space here, if you need it, we design your banner ad at no additional cost. We also write a Spanish-language press release for you to announce your new online ad campaign and send it to the U.S. Hispanic news media. How much does it cost? Nothing, zero, nada!!!

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You can run a display ad campaign on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) basis or on a CPC (cost per click) basis. An impression refers to an ad view. If you buy 250,000 impressions, your ad will be viewed 250,000 times. A click allows a visitor to go to your website. If you buy 300 clicks, 300 visitors will jump from ContactoMagazine.com to your website after clicking on your banner ad.

Rates depend on ad units and impressions or clicks you buy. An ad unit refers to a banner size. After clicking on the links shown below, you will see different units (Leaderboards, Banners, Rectangles, Skyscrapers, etc.)

Please, see units and CPM or CPC rates.

Rates and Units CPM

Rates and Units CPC

In both cases you can monitor your campaign within our OpenX ad server that will let you see amount of impressions, clicks and CTR (click throught rate) anytime. You will have a user ID and a password to login to OpenX once your campaign has been activated. Visits by advertisers and ContactoMagazine.com staff are not registered by the OpenX ad server in order to score accurate metrics.

If you need a specific proposal for an ad unit and a volume of impressions or clicks, please go to our electronic form, and let us know.

All ads will be hyperlinked to your company's website, just one click away from our visitors.

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