U.S. Latinos Online: A Driving Force

The Hispanic division of the IAB Multicultural Council consolidated data from different resources to convey a clear message about the size, growth and dynamics of Hispanics online as well as how to most effectively talk to them in-language and in-culture. This document specifically covers the Hispanic dominant/Spanish preferred and bicultural/bilingual segments. The document will serve as a centralize resource for publisher, agencies, and marketers to reference for data on the relevant segments.

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Hispanics Online


To build bridges among Latinos worldwide through information on politics, economy, science, technology, business, arts, culture, entertainment, food. To promote democracy, free speech and human rights, as well as the Hispanic American culture.


"Una Revista para el Latino de Hoy" (A Magazine for Today's Latinos)

Editorial Focus:

in-depth feature articles about U.S. Latinos, the United States, Latin America and relevant information about the rest of the world.


Mostly U.S Latinos. More than 50 million Hispanics live in the United States. 26 million access the Internet from home or office, and 46% prefers to read in Spanish. Our visitors are middle-class, well educated Hispanics.

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