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-- 52% of online Hispanics now access the Internet on a broadband connection at home, compared with 50% of the general online population.

-- Online Hispanics look to the Internet as a primary source of information. Half agree (51%) that they "get more information about products and services from going online than they do from television or newspapers or magazines."

-- Online Hispanics use the Internet to get information about health-related issues more frequently than the online general population. Six in ten online Hispanics (61%) do so either "regularly" or "occasionally" (versus 55% of the online general population).

-- Online Hispanics are far more likely than the online general population to list among their major financial goals being able to send their children to college, buy a house or apartment, and own their own business.

-- Nearly two-thirds (63%) of online Hispanics use the Internet for information for the final brand decision, more than any other source asked about, compared with about half (52%) of the online general population.

-- Seventy percent now view the Internet as the best source for comparing prices (vs. 59% in 2004).

-- Nearly two-thirds (63%) go online to get advice on brands to buy (vs. 56% in 2004).

-- Sixty-nine percent go online to learn about features and benefits of specific brands before making a purchase. This compares to 61% in 2004.

Source: AOL Roper U.S. Hispanic Cyberstudy

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